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What is SMIShing?

An attack targeted towards mobile users via Short Message Service (SMS) to deploy malware on or steal information from the mobile handset is called SMiShing.
How does it work?The attacker crafts an SMS to make it look like a genuine business or marketing message from a trustworthy source, such as a financial service provider or a seller. Such messages are used to trick users into divulging personal information such as passwords or other authentication details. The messages may even persuade you to click on a malicious link (disguised as a genuine website) to deploy malware which can access your messages, emails and other content on your mobile phone.How to protect yourself from SMiShing?1. Avoid clicking on unknown messages which contain links.2. Sender's name can be modified in such messages. Hence, do not trust and act on an SMS, based only on the sender name displayed.3. Offers, free coupons, security warnings requiring urgent action can be indicators of SMIShing. Do not click o…