What is Vishing?

What is Vishing?  

The term "vishing" comes from combining "voice" with "phishing," It is a socially engineered technique to steal sensitive information or money from people using the telephone network.  

How does it work?  

A data thief makes a telephone call representing a company with whom you have financial or other interests, like your bank and digital wallets, among others.  

Vishing attacks usually have a recorded message that tells users to call a toll-free number. The caller is then typically asked to punch in a credit card number or other personal information.  

 During the phone call, the fraudster tricks customers into sharing their banking information such as debit/credit card details, ATM pin, expiration date, CVV number etc. on the pretext of suspending their account if details are not provided.

Tips to avoid vishing attacks: 

 1. Be aware of such frauds and do not fall prey to them 

2. Never reveal your password and PIN to anyone over phone / email / SMS

3. Be suspicious of unknown callers. Validate the caller’s details just like you would analyze a suspicious email asking for your confidential/financial information  

4. Don't trust caller IDs. Caller IDs can be spoofed for vishing attacks, just as email IDs can be spoofed for phishing.  

5. Avoid sharing confidential or personal information without due care. Ask questions to identify who they work for, and then check if they are legitimate.


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