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Majorly there are two types of screens which are used my mobile companies in the market.By seeing the heading, you guys might have understood that, what is topic which we would be discussing today.The two types of screens types which are used is "OLED" and "AMOLED"
OLED:-   It is known as "Organic light-emitting diode".  When light passes through this LED made of organic material, it displays rich and vibrant colors.The OLED display has two types; AMOLED And POLED. The AMOLED display is now a household name while most people never heard of the second type of the OLED. It is because of that the application of POLED is very limited. Here are two companies using different types of OLED Display; AMOLED (Samsung’s implementation on OLED) and POLED (LG’s way of the same thing).Advantages of OLED Display:OLED is brighter than LED Because of the organic material in it.They are cheaper. Easily produced.The field view of the OLED Display is more than 170 degrees.It …

What Is BIOS?

Stands for "Basic Input/Output System."
Most people don't need to ever mess with the BIOS on a computer, but it can be helpful to know what it is. The BIOS is a program pre-installed on Windows-based computers (not on Macs) that the computer uses to start up.The CPU accesses the BIOS even before the operating system is loaded. The BIOS then checks all your hardware connections and locates all your devices.If everything is OK, the BIOS loads the operating system into the computer's memory and finishes the boot-up process.Since the BIOS manages the hard drives, it can't reside on one, and since it is available before the computer boots up, it can't live in the RAM. So where can this amazing, yet elusive BIOS be found? It is actually located in the ROM (Read-Only Memory) of the computer. More specifically, it resides in an eraseable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) chip. So, as soon as you turn your computer on, the CPU accesses the EPROM and gives control …

52 Chinese apps red-flagged by Indian Intel agencies

The Intel agencies have asked the government to block or advise people to stop the use these apps.
As of now, all 52 of these apps are live on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iOS App StoreThe Intel agencies have asked the government to block or advise people to stop the use the apps which remain popular among Indian users.India's security agencies have raised concerns that these apps aren’t safe and end up extracting a large amount of data outside India.The list includes popular apps such as social media platforms TikTok and Bigo Live, file sharing service Shareit, UC Browser mobile web browser, e-commerce platform Shein, popular game Clash of Kings and apps made and pre-bundled by Xiaomi.The recommendation of the intelligence agencies on the ban of apps has also been supported by the National Security Council Secretariat, which also felt these could be detrimental to India’s security.
52 apps red-flagged by Intel agenciesFull List: TikTokZoomVault-HideVigo VideoBigo LiveWeiboWeChatS…

Motorola One Fusion+ With Pop-Up Selfie Camera, Launched in India: Price, Specifications

Motorola One Fusion+ has launched in India as the latest offering from the Lenovo-owned company. The phone comes with a pop-up selfie camera - only the second phone in Motorola phone portfolio to be equipped with it.
The Motorola One Fusion+ also has a quad camera setup at the back with a 64-megapixel main camera. The phone packs a large 5,000mAh battery as well.
Motorola One Fusion+ price in India, sale dateMotorola One Fusion+ is priced in India at Rs. 16,999 for the single 6GB RAM + 128GB storage model. The phone has been launched in two colour options – Twilight Blue and Moonlight White. It will go on sale via Flipkart starting 12pm (noon) on June 24.
Motorola One Fusion+ specificationsThe dual-SIM Motorola One Fusion+ runs on stock Android 10 and features a 6.5-inch full-HD+ (1,080x2,340 pixels) notch-less display with 19.5:9 aspect ratio and 395ppi pixel density. The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 730G SoC, paired with Adreno 618 GPU and 6GB RAM. Internal storage is at 128GB,…

What is SMIShing?

An attack targeted towards mobile users via Short Message Service (SMS) to deploy malware on or steal information from the mobile handset is called SMiShing.
How does it work?The attacker crafts an SMS to make it look like a genuine business or marketing message from a trustworthy source, such as a financial service provider or a seller. Such messages are used to trick users into divulging personal information such as passwords or other authentication details. The messages may even persuade you to click on a malicious link (disguised as a genuine website) to deploy malware which can access your messages, emails and other content on your mobile phone.How to protect yourself from SMiShing?1. Avoid clicking on unknown messages which contain links.2. Sender's name can be modified in such messages. Hence, do not trust and act on an SMS, based only on the sender name displayed.3. Offers, free coupons, security warnings requiring urgent action can be indicators of SMIShing. Do not click o…

What is Vishing?

What is Vishing?  

The term "vishing" comes from combining "voice" with "phishing," It is a socially engineered technique to steal sensitive information or money from people using the telephone network.  
How does it work?  

A data thief makes a telephone call representing a company with whom you have financial or other interests, like your bank and digital wallets, among others.  

Vishing attacks usually have a recorded message that tells users to call a toll-free number. The caller is then typically asked to punch in a credit card number or other personal information.  

 During the phone call, the fraudster tricks customers into sharing their banking information such as debit/credit card details, ATM pin, expiration date, CVV number etc. on the pretext of suspending their account if details are not provided.

Tips to avoid vishing attacks: 

 1. Be aware of such frauds and do not fall prey to them 

2. Never reveal your password and PIN to anyone over phone…

WhatsApp ‘Together at Home’ Sticker Pack Launched With WHO Collaboration

WhatsApp has announced that it is bringing a new set of stickers highlighting the importance of staying at home. The ‘Together at Home’ sticker pack has been launched in association with the World Health Organization (WHO) and focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic.
“We hope people enjoy using these stickers to check-in on loved ones, particularly those that are feeling isolated, alone, and scared. This pack offers creative ways to remind people to wash their hands, maintain distance, exercise, and importantly to celebrate medical heroes as well as the personal heroes in all of our lives,” the comapany said

The sticker pack will be available in English initially, but the pack will be available within WhatsApp with text localized for 10 languages - Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.
The company claiming that ‘billions’ of them are send every day on the platform. The company now hopes that the latest sticker pack will encourage people …


PAN:-Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number, issued in the form of a laminated card, by the Income Tax Department, to any "person" who applies for it or to whom the department allots the number without an application.PAN was introduced to facilitates linking of various documents, including payment of taxes, assessment, tax demand, tax arrears etc. relating to an assessee, to facilitate easy retrieval of information and to facilitate matching of information relating to investment, raising of loans and other business activities of taxpayers collected through various sources, both internal as well as external, for detecting and combating tax evasion and widening of tax base.
PDF:- Portable Document Format (PDF)is a file format developed by Adobe in the 1990s to present documents, including text formatting and images, in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. Based on the PostScript language, each PDF file encapsu…

Government Launches Aarogya Setu COVID-19 Tracking App on Android, iOS

Government of India has launched a dedicated coronavirus tracking app called Aarogya Setu. In India, cases of coronavirus crossed 2000. Therefore, the government has come up with a new strategy called mobile surveillance.

How to use Aarogya Setu App?

> First Install the app

> Switch on Bluetooth and Location

> Set the location sharing to 'Always'.

> After installing the app, it will ask for the desired language making it more accessible.

> It is required to register your mobile number and provide necessary details like name, age, profession, international travel.

> After submitting the details, it will cross-checks the detail present in the government database and uses the proximity of Bluetooth and suggests whether you are safe or not.

> In case you are not safe then the app will suggest you to isolate and take precautions.

> The app will also check the user’s location of around six feet that is whether he or she was in the proximity of an infected patient by u…

WhatsApp status videos get restricted to 15 seconds

WhatsApp has restricted status videos to 15 seconds now. You will no longer be able to upload videos longer than 15 seconds. The earlier limit for status video upload was 30 seconds.
As the coronavirus lockdown brings more people to online services, it appears more steps are being taken to handle the network congestion brought by the steep rise in the number of users.

After YouTube, Netflix, and many others imposed limitations such as lowering the bitrate and defaulting to a lower resolution, WhatsApp has done something similar to the 'Status' section on its platform.

WhatsApp no longer allows users to post videos longer than 15 seconds as their status on the instant messaging platform in India.                                               Thank you for reading!To checkout the latest discounts,  CLICKHERETo download our app for Android, CLICKHERE 

World Health Organization to launch COVID-19 tips app for Android, iOS: Report

COVID-19 cases and deaths continue to rise as several new countries have started reporting of the outbreak. 

India has enforced a complete lockdown for 21 days to curb the further spread of coronavirus.

To curb this misinformation spread, World Health Organisation (WHO) is working on an official app to bring correct tips, news, alerts, and other crucial information around the SARS-CoV-2 disease.

This app aims to offer tips, alerts, and more to give you all the information you need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The app was proposed by a collective called ‘WHO Covid APP Collective' and this group has been made by former employees of Google and Microsoft along with WHO advisors and industry experts.

Those who want to volunteer to help develop the app can sign up here.

The app is expected to launch on Android and iOS on March 30 i.e., Monday. The app is being built in an open source manner

This version currently consists of advice around the COVID-19 disease, similar to the WHO WhatsApp c…

The Best 10 Mac Apps & Utilities-2020 Edition

This collection of essential Mac Apps includes mostly lesser-known apps so the popular ones — like Evernote, Dropbox, Skype, OneNote, or Google Drive — aren’t listed here. 
Let’s get started.
   1. Magnet - A perfect windows management app for Mac that lets you move and resize windows with configurable keyboard shortcuts. You can move windows between multiple displays too. Another alternative is Rectangle.
   2. ImageOptim - Always run your images through ImageOptim before uploading them on to your website. The Mac app will crush the size of your image files without affecting the visual quality.
   3. HiddenMe - If your Mac desktop is cluttered with folders and files, you can hide all the icons with a single click or with a keyboard shortcut.
   4. Site Sucker - Download entire websites includes images, PDF files and mirror them on your local disk for offline browsing. Like wget but with a visual interface.
   5. App Cleaner - The best uninstaller for your Mac that will automatically remove…

Study: Durian Fruit Can Be Used to Charge Your Phone's Battery

Durian fruit, which is considered to be the world's smelliest fruit, has been used to create energy stores for rapid electricity charging. A researcher from University of Sydney was able to convert durian waste into super-capacitors that can put out energy smoothly. This means, theoretically, one can charge their phone, laptop, and other everyday gadgets using this technology. The waste from durian and jackfruit can be converted into energy stores for “rapid electricity charging.” Durian and jackfruit were selected for this study because of their porosity and large surface area. The method of converting aerogel from fruit waste to ultracapacitors has been detailed in an article on ScienceDirect.How does it work?As stated by Associate Professor Vincent Gomes, the lead researcher for the study, durian and jackfruit used in the study were locally sourced. The waste portions (biomass) from the fruits are transformed into stable carbon aerogels using a “non-toxic and non-ha…

Google India launches skill programme designed for women

New Delhi, Google India on Friday introduced DigiPivot, a skilling programme designed for women who are looking to return to their corporate careers after a break or simply planning to make mid career shifts to digital marketing.
Developed jointly in association with Avtar, a career portal service for women, and the Indian School of Business, the programme aims to influence the overall gender mix in the digital marketing landscape in India and will provide an opportunity for 200 women professionals to re-skill themselves.
According to the company, selected participants will go through a curated 18 week learning programme and engagement (both offline and online) that aims to empower the participants with digital marketing knowledge and tools as well as mentorship on strategic leadership skills.
The programme will culminate in a day long Graduation event at the Google Hyderabad Campus on August 28.
The programme is open to both women professionals who are currently working and those who are…

Ola adds police "Emergency Button" in its app in Bengaluru

Bengaluru city police on Thursday said ride-hailing platform Ola has integrated its emergency button with the police control room for faster security response to passengers in trouble. "Bengaluru city police now offers great convenience and ensures that the citizens of the city a secure ride-hailing experience by integrating Suraksha app with Ola application," said Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao in a statement.

The integration will enable rider's information to be shared with the police, along with details such as the car model, driver name and the geographic coordinates of the vehicle.

When a customer presses the emergency button in the app, it will directly call up the police helpline 100 for quicker response from the nearest police station.

Pressing the emergency button will also activate Ola's safety response team for telephonic assistance to the passenger.

"Bengaluru city police is constantly working on building a safer city for its citizens and by integrating …

Nokia smartphones now allow Wi-Fi calling on Airtel, Jio: Here's how to enable

Nokia smartphone users will now be able to make calls over a Wi-Fi network.HMD Global has started the rollout of Wi-Fi calling feature to a range of Nokia smartphones, supported by Reliance Jio and Airtel.   Wi-Fi calling is the latest advancement to how consumers make calls in the areas with spotty cellular reception, introduced in 2019 in the Delhi-NCR region. HMD Global has now joined the list of brands that are providing their customers with the Wi-Fi calling service. The Wi-Fi calling service, also called VoWiFi, will be rolled out to the following Nokia smartphones on Jio network, as listed by HMD Global:    Nokia 9 PureView    Nokia 8 Sirocco    Nokia 8.1    Nokia 7.2    Nokia 7.1    Nokia 7 Plus    Nokia 6.2    Nokia 6.1 Plus    Nokia 6.1
How to enable and use VoWiFi on your Nokia smartphone?    Firstly, go to your phone's settings     Now, either search for Wi-Fi calling inside the settings or navigate to the option, located  under the mobile network tab    Enable Wi-Fi cal…

Google's Automatic Call Screening Feature To All Pixel Phones

Google’s automatic call screening is limited to the US market as of now, and only supports the English language. 
Google rolled out the automatic call screen feature for the Pixel 4 users with the first Pixel feature drop in December last year.

Back then, Google promised that the feature will make its way to older Pixel phones as well. Well, it appears that Google has made good on its commitment. The automatic call screen feature has now begun popping up for all Pixel phone users.

Multiple users to have reported that they can now see the automatic call screen option on the Pixel 3a, Pixel 3, and Pixel 2 series phones.

Google has also reportedly confirmed that the first-gen Pixel phones can now take advantage of the feature as well.

Before we get into availability details, here's what call screen actually is. It is an on-device assistant-driven feature that automatically screens spam or robocalls. Once it detects an incoming robocall after matching it against Google's database, it…