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Top 10 Announcements From Google’s Developer Conference You Should Know

Google held its annual developer conference at Mountain View, California with some big announcements and exciting launches at the event.

Let’s take a look at the major announcements made at the Google I/O event.

1. Google Pixel 3A & Pixel 3A XL

The new Pixel 3A with 5.6-inch display starts at Rs 39,999, while the 6-inch Pixel 3A XL starts at Rs 44,999.

The new Pixel devices come with the same software and slightly toned down features as existing Pixel phones.

Most importantly, the camera remains the same on Pixel 3A smartphones supporting all the important features including night mode and portrait mode.

2. Pixel Devices For Masses

Finally, the cheaper Pixel devices are here running on the latest versions of Android with an awesome camera at the back.

After a dull phase with the original Pixel devices, the company aims to do some wonder in the entry premium segment.

Camera being it’s primary USP, it can certainly target the mass with it’s top features and benefits.

3. Newly Improved Goo…


An applet is a small application designed to run within another application.
The term "applet" is sometimes used to describe small programs included with a computer'soperating system, it usually refers to Java applets, or small applications written in the Java programming language.

Java applets cannot be run directly by the operating system. Instead, they must run within the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), or within another program that includes a Java plug-in.

If there is no JRE installed, Java applets will not run. Fortunately, Java is freely available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, which means you can easily download and install the appropriate JRE for your system.

Since Java applets run within the JRE and are not executed by the operating system, they are crossplatform, meaning a single applet can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Applets can serve as basic desktop applications, they have limited access to system resources and therefore are not ideal for comp…


An algorithm is a set of instructions designed to perform a specific task.
This can be a simple process, such as multiplying two numbers.

Search engines use proprietary algorithms to display the most relevant results from their search index for specific queries.

In computer programming, algorithms are often created as functions. These functions serve as small programs that can be referenced by a larger program.

For example, an image viewing application may include a library of functions that each use a custom algorithm to render different image file formats. An image editing program may contain algorithms designed to process image data.

In many cases, there are multiple ways to perform a specific operation within a software program. Therefore, programmers usually seek to create the most efficient algorithms possible.

By using highly-efficient algorithms, developers can ensure their programs run as fast as possible and use minimal system resources.

Of course, not all algorithms are created …

Flipkart Flipstart Days Sale 2019

Flipkart has brought back its 'Flipstart Days' sale. The sale will run from today to May 3 and will include offers across all major product categories.  The three-day sale will offer 10 percent instant discount to Axis Bank's credit and debit card users.

The Flipstart Days sale promises discounts worth up to 80 percent on electronics and accessories.

Flipkart's Flipstart Days sale will offer discounts worth up to 70 percent on headphones from JBL, Sony, and Boat.

Power banks will be available with prices starting at Rs. 500. Mobile accessories will also be available at discounted prices starting at Rs. 99.

The Flipstart Days sale promises to bring attractive discounts on a wide range of laptops from Acer, HP, Dell, Asus, and other companies.

Flipkart's teaser page mentions laptop prices starting from as low as Rs. 13,990 during the sale. Laptops will also be available with exchange offers and extended warranty (with additional cost).

The Flipkart Flipstart Days sale wi…