5 Google G Suite changes that help businesses work faster,smarter

Google has made a number of announcements to its G Suite productivity suite (including Docs, Sheets, and Slides) that promise to make it faster and more intelligent.

Google debuted a number of upgrades to its G Suite of business apps, which have competed against Microsoft Office and its ecosystem for years. 


If you’re a Google G Suite user, here are five ways that G Suite will change for you:

1.) Office editing in Docs, Sheets, and Slides

What Google said Wednesday is that you’ll be able to work on Office files straight from within G Suite without any file conversion.

According to Google, this will allow you to take advantage of Google’s AI-powered grammar suggestions. (Note that Office, of course, offers its own spelling and grammar suggestions, too.)

2.) Hangouts adds transcriptions, streaming, and Gmail integration

There are two versions of Hangouts for businesses: Hangouts Meet (the videoconferencing portion) and Hangouts Chat (which focuses on chat).

Google is starting to respond to Microsoft, whose Skype videoconferencing apps are becoming more defined by their ability to transcribe and translate content than just allowing more than one employee to talk to one another.

Hangouts Meet now has automatic live captioning, though just in English. In addition, Meet now has the ability to livestream to up to 100,000 viewers—though YouTube has tended to handle this quite well already.

3.) Voice is now part of G Suite

Google announced (finally!) that Google Voice is now part of G Suite, in “select markets.”

Voice gives employees, and personal users, their own phone number.

Google has also used the service to show off its AI capabilities in terms of transcription and blocking voice calls, and it’s now finally available to business users.

4.) Google Assistant breaks into G Suite

It’s been a long time coming for the Google Assistant to break out of the smartphone and into other areas within Google’s ecosystem. 

Google Assistant isn’t penetrating any further than the Google Calendar app, and in beta, to boot. But at least you’ll be able to ask Google when your next meeting is. It’s a start.

5.) Add-ons are now part of GSuite, too

add-ins are coming to the right-hand rail of Google’s G Suite apps.

Those apps will include Copper, Workfront, Box, and others. Unfortunately, they’ll debut in beta, which you’ll have to sign up for and will debut in the coming months.

Google has listed several new additions as part of its blog post announcing the new changes. G Suite has remained in a somewhat bare-bones state for some time now—and that’s not necessarily a bad thing for fans of simple efficiency. Still, several of these changes now seem obvious in retrospect, and long overdue.

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