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The TikTok App is Finally back on Google Play Store and App Store

TikTok app is finally back on the Indian versions of the Apple App Store and Google Play after Madras High Court lifted ban on the popular social media app last week.

Earlier this month, the app was delisted from the Indian app stores after the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court directed the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to do so.

The ruling was due to a PIL filed against TikTok stating that the app encouraged pornography and child abuse. The ban was lifted subject to conditions that pornographic videos will not be uploaded on it.

The ban was causing developer, Beijing Bytedance Technology Co, "financial losses" of up to $500,000 (roughly Rs. 3.5 crores) a day and even put more than 250 jobs at risk.

"Banning has had adverse impact on the user base of this app, losing close to 1 million new users per day .

It is estimated that approximately six million requests for downloads could not be effected since the ban came into effect," the company sai…

Lenovo Z6 Pro with quad-cameras, 12 GB RAM and Snapdragon 855 SoC launched in China

The Lenovo Z6 Pro will be up for grabs in four variants - a base variant with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage priced at CNY 2,899 (roughly Rs 30,000), 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage variant priced at CNY 2,999 (roughly Rs 31,000)8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage variant which will cost buyers CNY 3,799 (roughly Rs 39,500)The top of the line 12 GB RAM and 512 GB storage variant which has priced at CNY 4,999 (roughly Rs 52,000).
Lenovo Z6 Pro: Features and SpecificationsThe highlight of Lenovo's new flagship is a new camera technology which the company been calling 'Hyper Vision'. The technology essentially lets the phone shoot 100 MP images and a 'Hyper Video', which lets you capture videos through the rear as well as front cameras.The Lenovo Z6 Pro has a 6.39-inch near-edge-to-edge AMOLED display with waterdrop notch that houses the front camera. Lenovo says that its display supports HDR10 and has a built-in blue light filter. The phone also gets a DC Dimming feature, which is b…

Microsoft Paint Will Continue to Remain Available in Windows 10

Microsoft Paint will continue to remain a part of Windows 10. Earlier, it was planned to be removed from Windows 10 in favor of Paint 3D. The app was decided to be offered as an optional download via Windows Store. 
Microsoft also warned users that paint app will be discontinued in a Windows 10 but now a company executive had confirmed that Paint will be available in a Microsoft operating system.

A senior program manager at Microsoft, Brandon LeBlanc, has confirmed that Paint will be available in the upcoming Windows 10 build 1903 and any other future releases for the time being.

LeBlanc tweeted: “MSPaint will be included in 1903. It’ll remain included in Windows 10 for now,”

MS Paint is a simple raster graphics editor that comes with all versions of Microsoft Windows. It opens and saves files in Windows bitmap, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and single-page TIFF formats. You can use to draw, color and edit pictures, including imported pictures from a digital camera.

The most famous features of paint a…

The Important URLs For Google Users

Google stores everything privately and here are the important links (URLs) that will unlock everything Google knows about you. 

1. Google stores a list of usernames and passwords that you have typed in Google Chrome or Android for logging into various websites.They even have a website too where you can view all these passwords in plain text.

2. Google creates a profile of yourself based on the sites you visit, guessing your age,  gender and interests and then use this data to serve you more relevant ads.

   Use this URL to know how Google sees you on the web.

3. You can easily export all your data out of the Google ecosystem. You can download your Google Photos, contacts, Gmail messages and even your YouTube videos. Head over the the Takeout page to grab the download links.

4. Google and YouTube record every search term that you’ve ever typed or spoken into their search boxes. They keep a log of every Google ad that you…

Samsung Galaxy Fold Receives Complaints Of Screen Breakage

It’s not been very many days since Samsung launched its premium foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold, and it is already in the news, not for anything laudable! Reportedly, the screen of the super-expensive phone has started breaking along with the screen spasming out and blacking out too. Samsung is planning to launch the innovative Galaxy Fold for a whopping $2000, and the US will get the smartphone from 26 April. The phone will be launched in the UK and Europe from May 3.

However, the phone has already been given out to reviewers to observe and spread the features of the phone. But the phone is not living up to the expectations of the testers and has shown quite some problems in the functioning, which makes us question the huge price tag if the phone’s results are this bad.

But this doesn’t seem to be the only problem with the phone. Another reviewer did not remove the protective peel from his phone and his device still broke. Multiple reviewers have posted videos of the left part of the…

TikTok ban in India: Google and Apple asked to remove TikTok app from their respective app stores

Govt. of India is in no mood to give TikTok another chance.

As per latest order from Indian Govt., Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has asked both Google and Apple to remove TikTok app from their respective app stores.
On April 4th, Madras High Court had ordered that TikTok app needs to be banned and had asked the Govt. to take action on it.
Today, responding to the Madras HC order, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has ordered Google and Apple to immediately remove the TikTok app from their respective app stores.

This means that no new user will be able to access TikTok app now, as it won’t be available for download.

However, users can go for alternative ways to download the app, but that can be illegal, and the downloaded code can be infected with viruses as well.

Madras High Court had banned TikTok, as it found that the app polluted the minds of the youngsters, and is harmful to the society.

Yesterday, a youth lost his life as he was attempting a TikTok …

Internet Explorer Is a Threat to PCs

Microsoft's Internet Explorer has a longstanding reputation for poor security, but it's now bad enough that you could be attacked just by having it on your PC. According to researcher John Page, an unpatched exploit in the web browser’s handling of MHT files (IE’s web archive format), hackers can use to both spy on Windows users and steal their local data. As Windows opens MHT files using IE by default, you don't even have to run the browser for this to be a problem -- all you have to do is open an attachment sent through chat or email.The vulnerability affects Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2.This wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the disclosure of the flaw. Page posted details of the exploit after Microsoft reportedly declined to roll out an urgent security fix.It instead said a fix would be "considered" in a future release. While that does suggest a patch is on the way, it leaves millions of users potentially vulnerable unless they …

5 Google G Suite changes that help businesses work faster,smarter

Google has made a number of announcements to its G Suite productivity suite (including Docs, Sheets, and Slides) that promise to make it faster and more intelligent.

Google debuted a number of upgrades to its G Suite of business apps, which have competed against Microsoft Office and its ecosystem for years. 

If you’re a Google G Suite user, here are five ways that G Suite will change for you:

1.) Office editing in Docs, Sheets, and Slides

What Google said Wednesday is that you’ll be able to work on Office files straight from within G Suite without any file conversion.

According to Google, this will allow you to take advantage of Google’s AI-powered grammar suggestions. (Note that Office, of course, offers its own spelling and grammar suggestions, too.)

2.) Hangouts adds transcriptions, streaming, and Gmail integration

There are two versions of Hangouts for businesses: Hangouts Meet (the videoconferencing portion) and Hangouts Chat (which focuses on chat).

Google is starting to respond to Mi…

Introducing Snapdragon 665, 730, 730G Chips for mid-range phones

Qualcomm has revealed an even bigger boost to the mid-range segment with three new Snapdragon chipsets. Snapdragon 665 offers an octa-core Kryo 260 design (four semi-custom Cortex-A73 cores and four semi-custom Cortex-A53 cores), Adreno 610 GPU, X12 modem (600Mbps down, 150Mbps up), and an 11nm manufacturing process.

Qualcomm says the new chip supports 48MP snapshots (i.e. images taken without the likes of multi-frame processing and zero shutter lag), triple cameras, 5x optical zoom, multi-frame noise reduction, spatial noise processing, portrait mode with HDR+, and 3D face unlock.

Qualcomm claims 20 percent less power consumption than OpenGL ES — and aptX Adaptive for better Bluetooth audio. Don’t expect the latest fast-charging tech though, as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 tops out at Quick Charge 3.0.

The brand-new Snapdragon 730 series is looking like the real deal.Snapdragon 730 borrows a few key elements from the top-end Snapdragon 855 processor. These features include a Tensor Accele…

Google Can Remember Things for You

How do you remember important things that you think you might forget? Some rely on their brain to memorize information while others prefer writing things down on post-it notes.

There’s another interesting option from Google that you may wish to explore for remembering things. It’s called Google Assistant.

Let Google Remember Things for youTo get started, say “OK Google” to launch Google Assistant on your phone and then say “Remember ..” followed by information you would like Google to remember, you could say:Remember my favorite color is BlackRemember my registration number is 12SSJBS4 You can launch the Google Assistant anytime later and ask Google for information that was previously stored.How to ask what Google remembers?You could say something like “What did I say about my favorite color?” or “What’s my registration number?” and it will show a list of 5 most recent things you’ve asked Google to remember. How to Clear Google’s Memory?If the list has grown big, you can also use your voi…

WhatsApp as a Private Store for your Documents and Notes

WhatsApp is a perfect messaging app for staying in touch with friends and family. It is super-fast, works on nearly all phones (including desktop computers). You have been using WhatsApp primarily for text messaging and calling but there are a couple of other interesting uses for WhatsApp that will help boost the utility value of this app even further.

Other than communicating with the external world, you can also use WhatsApp to:
Capture and save ideas, notes, voice memos, scanned documents and everything else in you own private storage space that is accessible from everywhere.Quickly transfer web links, documents, screenshots, and other files between your computer and phone without having to sign-up for another service.
The idea is simple. You create a new virtual contact inside WhatsApp and, everything that you wish to capture privately, you can just share it with this virtual contact.

It is not possible to send WhatsApp messages to your own number but there’s a simple hack to get aroun…

Firefox Send, Providing Free File Transfers

Firefox Send is a website anyone can use free of charge to transfer files. Links to the files can be set to expire in a week or less, and downloads can be limited in number. Source: Mozilla "Send uses end-to-end encryption to keep your data secure from the moment you share to the moment your file is opened," wrote Nick Nguyen, Mozilla's vice president of product strategy. Firefox Send, formerly one of the experiments run under Mozilla's now-defunct Test Pilot program, is not an app but a website that anyone can use free of charge. Firefox Account holders - accounts are used to synchronize saved bookmarks and passwords to browsers on multiple devices - are given an edge in that they can upload files as large as 2.5GB to the service.Non-account holders are limited to 1GB uploads.Send makes it easy for your recipient, too. No hoops to jump through. They simply receive a link to click and download the file. They don’t need to have a Firefox account to access your file. O…

Google Maps Users Can Now Report Traffic Jams in an area

Google Maps on Android has received a new feature that will allow users to report traffic slowdown in an area on the map. This is part of the navigation app's recently added reporting feature which allows commuters to report speed traps and accidents while navigating to their destination.

Users can now see the new ‘Slowdown' option on the incident reporting page in Google Maps for Android.

The feature can be accessed when the navigation mode is on. With the addition of the slowdown options, one can now report if there is slow traffic or congestion in a particular area.

To use the feature, one has to switch to navigation mode and tap on the circular ‘arrow up' button. This will open a slide out menu where users can find the ‘Add a report' option.

Tapping on it will open the reporting tools including the slowdown button. But it appears that the slowdown feature will appear differently based on the language settings of the device.

It is not known whether the slowdown option i…

Amazon’s plan to launch 3,236 satellites to build a network to provide Broadband Internet

Amazon on Thursday confirmed it is working on a project to deploy a network of satellites for high-speed internet service in underserved parts of the world.

“Project Kuiper” is Amazon’s plan to launch 3,236 satellites to build a network to provide global high-speed internet.

"Project Kuiper is a new initiative to launch a constellation of low earth orbit satellites that will provide low-latency, high-speed broadband connectivity to unserved and underserved communities around the world,"

This is a long-term project that envisions serving tens of millions of people who lack basic access to broadband internet."

The filings described a plan to put 3,236 satellites in low orbit  at altitudes ranging from 367 miles (590 kilometres) to 391 miles (630-kilometre)

The frontier of space is internationally agreed to be 62 miles (100 kilometres) above Earth, known as the Karman Line.

The Seattle-based online powerhouse was looking to partner with like-minded companies on the effort.


Mi Fan Festival 2019 begins: Redmi Note 7 Pro, Mi A2, Poco F1 and more

Xiaomi is also hosting "Re.1 Flash Sale" wherein the company is selling products like Redmi Note 7 Pro, POCO F1, Mi Soundbar, Mi LED TV 4A PRO at just Re 1. The Re.1 Flash Sale will kick off at 2pm.
The most awaited sale for Mi Fans Mi Fan Festival 2019 begins today, April 4.The Mi Fan Festival will be held across, online partner platforms partners, Mi Home, Mi Store and partner offline stores. It will end on April 6.Xiaomi has partnered with HDFC Bank to offer 5 percent instant discount of up to Rs. 500 on HDFC cards and EMI transactions for buyers
Let's take a quick look at all the offers Xiaomi is offering on Mi Fan Festival.The Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro will go on sale (flash sale) at 12noon today. The Redmi Note 7 Pro India price starts at Rs 13,999 while the Redmi Note 7 costs Rs 9,999.The Redmi 6 is selling for Rs 6,999 during the Mi Fan Festival. The Redmi Note 6 Pro sells for a lower price of Rs 10,999 in India during Mi Fan Festival. This is for th…

Gmail Finally Gets Scheduled Emails

Google's Gmail is turning 15 on Apr. 1. And to celebrate that birthday, the company has some new features planned for its popular email platform.
Here's How It Works“We want to make it easier to respect everyone’s digital well-being,” Google’s blog post reads, “so we’re adding a new feature to Gmail that allows you to choose when an email should be sent.”
The goal of Gmail’s new scheduling feature is to be able to respect your email recipient’s business hours while still being able to write your message within your own a feature which will certainly be useful for colleagues that communicate from different time zones.Email scheduling will allow you to select a time and date for your message to be sent, accessible by clicking the arrow next to the regular ‘send’ button.Google says that Smart Compose is catching on with Gmail users. The feature predicts what users want to say and suggests a word or phrase that they can input with a single button press. it saves Gmail users from nee…