Android Q: What’s Changed?

Google has today released the first beta for Android Q and it brings a whole slew of changes both big and small.

Here’s everything that’s changed with Android Q.

1. Dark Mode is Here

In the first beta for Android Q, Google has removed the Dark Mode toggle from the settings, however, you can still enable the dark mode in Android Q.

We’re pretty sure this is just a temporary situation. Google should bring the toggle back in later betas.

2. Theming Options 

Google’s mobile OS has also taken its first step towards theming with Android Q.
It now comes with a dedicated theming section that allows you to change the accent color (pick between blue, black, green & purple).

You can go to “Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Developer options” and scroll to the very bottom to check out the theming features available in Android Q.

3. Revamped Share Menu

Google has revamped the share menu and it’s now not only a lot more useful in the sense of design.

It’s also quite a lot faster than it was before.

Android Q uses a push-based solution resulting in a very noticeable speed bump. 

You’ll also find the copy-shortcut right up top so you can quickly copy links without having to search for the ‘Copy Link’ option in the share sheet.

4. Improved Privacy

Android Q comes with a renewed focus on privacy and you now have added control over permissions doled out to specific apps, along with runtime permissions for enhanced security.

Android Q also strives to elevate the user experience by cutting down on interruptions.

It will now block background activities from launching an activity, especially a fullscreen one, which will be a boon for Jio and Xiaomi users.

This version is also limiting access to non-resettable device identifiers, such as your IMEI and serial number, among other things.

5. Location Security

Android Q also lays emphasis on location and how permissions for the same are granted to apps.

Earlier you used to grant an app location permission once during app setup and it always had access to it, however, that changes greatly with this Android version.

Now, when an app requires the location permission, you don’t grant it for a lifetime. You will see a pop-up with the option to grant the permission only for the time when the app would be open and in use.

6. Native Screen Recorder

For the very first time, a native screen recorder that you can use.

Android Q hosts a screen recorder, however, it still appears to be in development and the UI isn’t the best.

You can see for yourself in the screenshot above that it looks oldish. But, it gets the job done for now and it could get better in the upcoming betas.

7. Undo Accidental Icon Removals

This feature that can solve your homescreen mishaps.

If you’ve mistakenly deleted an app icon from the homescreen, the launcher will now show a “floating undo button” at the bottom so you can revert the same.

8. Easy Wi-Fi Connectivity

When you jump into the Wi-Fi settings pane in Android Q, you wouldn’t really notice any major design changes but the beta update brings an ‘Easy Connect’ feature for secure & faster sharing of Internet services.

You can now share your Wi-Fi connection with friends via a QR code or connect to one via the same right from the Wi-Fi settings pane.

Google’s focus on privacy has also given birth to the random MAC address feature, which will be enabled by default, to hide your device’s original MAC address from others.

9. Notches Now Show Up in Screenshots

With Android Q, if you’re taking a screenshot on any phone that has a notch your screenshot will also show the notch, along with the rounded corners of the phone’s display. 

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